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Astrid Trügg

Astrid was born in the Netherlands in 1972. In 1991 she graduated from the Utrecht School of Art with a degree in painting. This was followed by a successful career in the Netherlands where numerous clients commissioned much of her work.

Inspired by Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands, Astrid moved to Scotland in 2003 where she successfully completed a post graduate course at the Leith School of Art and worked both from her studio in Leith as well as her home in Amersfoot in the Netherlands. In 2014 she moved to Hertfordshire, where she has set up her own studio.

Astrid has a deep interest in architecture, shapes and contours of the city and its past. She is inspired by the textures of weathered walls, piers and facades of buildings and the changes of colour and character created by these natural influences. By working with collage, pigments and gesso, she is able to work back into layers of paint, which create fascinating textures that reflect these interests.

Her still lifes explore texture, light and colour and are inspired by the shape, architecture and history of the objects she paints. Her mixed media works often contain fragments of newspaper cuttings, which combined with paintings of gathered objects, add a sense of place to her topical still lifes.

Astrid has exhibited in Scotland and in the Netherlands.

Still Life with Eucalyptus Leaves
Mixed media: 19.75 X 15.75 inches: Signed