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Janette Kerr PRWA

Janette Kerr is not somebody who makes meticulous studies of landscape. With a nod towards the Romantic tradition in landscape painting, her practice remains contemporary and experimental. Beyond mere topography, Kerr's paintings embody responses to the elemental. Delighting in sudden and unpredictable changes in the weather, she is a painter of the British landscape - a foul weather painter who enjoys being out in and working from the landscape when it is wet, dark and moody.

"It is the periphery of the land that I am drawn to - the far edges of a place - margins between land and sea which blur with the ebb and flow of the tide, areas that feel remote and uninhabited, which seem touched more by the erosion of land - the action of wind and rain - than human occupation."

Biographical Details

PhD 2005 (Fine Art) University of the West of England
Visiting Research Fellow, University of the West of England 2007 -
Royal West of England Academician 2003