The Richard Hagen Gallery Richard Hagen Fine Art: established 1970

Jean B Martin RSW

Jean was born in Glasgow and studied at the Glasgow School of Art between 1964 and 1968. In 1967 she won the Hospitafield Scholarship and in 1969 began teaching at Aberdeen College of Education.

She is fascinated by light and texture and the way light affects the surface on which it plays. Whether it is on a delicate flower head or stone of a church pillar, the fleeting impermanence and the vibrant or subtle illumination is a constant source of delight to her. Jean paints using watercolour and mixed media and collage, often layering and working back into the image until she arrives at the surface, light and structure she is after.

Freedom and form are the two dynamics that inform Jean's work. She loves the freedom and translucence of watercolour and the rich textural possibilities of mixed media. Jean often uses the chaos of plant form and the decorative surface of textiles within her painting. Jean usually works from life, but when dealing with landscape, she works from drawings and recorded images.

Yellow Birds Singing
Oil on board 20 x 25 inches Signed