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Julie Smith

Julie Smith was born in Ayrshire and after graduating she lived on the continent before returning to Scotland. She then started making stained glass panels for interior design companies and galleries eventually becoming a practical art tutor in stained glass in the University of Glasgow's Centre for Open Studies.

A few years ago Julie attended classes at Glasgow School of Art where Conor Kelly tutored her in painting.

She is inspired by the countryside she grew up in. It is the beauty found in organic lines of the fields and hills, which she tries to capture in her work.

To suggest the texture of the landscape she prepares the ground by weaving strands of unspun Orkney wool through layer upon layer of gesso. Her colour palette is tightly controlled comprising of the primary colours and two earth pigments.

Her aim is not only to capture the shape, colour and texture of landscape but also to mould the paint into a form which has a beauty of its own.

Yellow Evening
Oil: 11.75 x 11.75 inches: Signed