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Pete Monaghan

Pete Monaghan was born in 1961, in Stroud, Gloucestershire, and currently lives and works in Germany. He trained initially in mechanical engineering and then technical illustration. He spent over twenty years in Germany working as an illustrator. He seeks to integrate the strict discipline of technical illustration with an irrepressible passion for drawing and painting. In 2012 he completed an MA in Fine Art at Aberystwyth University. In his paintings he depicts vernacular architecture in a fusion of abstraction and figuration, calling on a depth of drawing expertise to produce work in acrylic and mixed media with collage.

"My work always begins with sketching on location. Subsequently re-sketching many times in the studio in order to interpret and understand. Only when I have drawn sufficiently do I feel the freedom to splash and pour paint, enticing abstraction, entering into a dialogue of controlling and letting go.  The present body of work is concerned with vernacular architecture. I am interested in the 'wabi-sabi' effect; the beauty in the hidden, the modest, the decaying or the unnoticed."

Pete Monaghan’s work is in private collections throughout Europe.

Ysgubour Hen 2014 VII
Oil on panel: 20 x 59 inches. Signed