The Richard Hagen Gallery Richard Hagen Fine Art: established 1970

Stephen Vince

Born and educated in England. Specialised in the Sciences at school, winning both the Music Prize and the Science Prize. In 1972 graduated with an Honours Degree in Agricultural Sciences from Reading University; the first to specialise in the use of computers for this subject. Then lectured in Art History and General Studies at the Reading Technical College, Berkshire in England.

Learned to sculpt in clay including the art of portraiture from Tony Southwell of Henley-on-Thames, and the art of drawing from Leslie Orris in Reading.

Carried out various portrait commissions in the UK before continuing briefly in Australia during 1988. Then went to live and work first in Thailand, and subsequently in Hongkong. With the possible demise of Hongkong in 1997, he was offered a green card by the American Government due to his position in the field of Art,and in particular, Environmental Art.