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Tom Mabon

I've lived on the Black Isle for more than thirty years and it's safe to say that it now dominates most of my work. Our house overlooks the Moray Firth to the south, whilst behind and beyond lie the farming lands of this peninsula. The compositions are mainly developed from fleeting images seen on journeys, usually to and from Inverness, along with the changing seasons. Recently the writing of George Mackay Brown, the Orcadian author, has been an inspiration. Forgotten holidays and festivals linked to the days such as Candlemas and Michaelmas have provided a framework for ongoing projects.

The work of Romantic landscape painters Palmer, Sutherland and Nash are important influences. I was also fortunate to have both Sylvia Wishart and Frances Walker as teachers during my time at Gray's School of Art.

The process of making pictures is ongoing and often they're picked up reworked and radically altered. The narrative and title of the work usually develops along with the painting. I normally work with oil paint on linen, sometimes board, occasionally gouache or watercolour. Drawing is everything. I recently heard David Hockney suggest that most artists would like to paint as well as they draw.

Tom Mabon
August 2016

From A Garden above The Firth
oil on linen 24 x 24 inches